Alka Banners

As the designer of this vibrant banner collection for Alka, I aimed to encapsulate the brand’s playful energy and diverse flavor profiles. The design process started with conceptualizing a backdrop that screams vivacity—a dynamic split of bold oranges and greens that immediately captures attention. For each banner, I chose lively models whose poses and expressions embody the joy associated with Alka snacks—juggling, biting, and sharing, to portray the different taglines like mixing crunchiness and combinations. I meticulously edited each photo to ensure the subjects harmoniously meld with the Alka product they’re paired with. The typography selection was intentional, using modern, sans-serif fonts that are as crisp and straightforward as the snacks, with just enough quirk to mirror the playful tone. The ultimate goal was to create a cohesive series of visuals that represent the brand’s essence and appeal to the target demographic by illustrating the fun of snacking with Alka.

  • Design

    Print design

  • Tools Used

    Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Figma, Adobe XD

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