Asentria website

Crafting the Asentria website’s design necessitated a keen understanding of the user’s needs—industry professionals searching for comprehensive automation solutions. The chosen color scheme revolves around a spectrum of blues, imparting a sense of reliability and cutting-edge technology essential in the telecom arena. Legibility is prioritized with the stark contrast of white and dark hues for the textual content, ensuring the information pops against the background.

Strategically picked imagery of telecommunications equipment immediately communicates the company’s domain, maintaining a professional ambiance. The design is neatly organized, fostering easy navigation with a clear, logical flow that subtly guides the user through the various offerings. Icons accompany brief descriptions to quickly convey the core product features, facilitating a swift understanding without overwhelming details.

From the get-go, the website’s layout is designed to engage, presenting essential product information at a glance and inviting deeper engagement. Integrating a straightforward login portal and an information-rich footer—boasting customer logos for credibility, impactful statistics to captivate prospects, and a newsletter subscription to build ongoing connections—reflects a meticulous approach. The ultimate goal of this design is to deliver an intuitive and educational experience that nudges potential clients toward making informed decisions.

  • Design

    UI/UX, Webdesign

  • Tools Used

    Figma, Photoshop, Wordpress

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