Nespresso landingpage

For this Nespresso campaign landing page, I wanted to capture the essence of a tranquil, high-end coffee experience. I immersed users in a sensory journey, starting with a rich, deep blue palette, evoking the serene moments of early morning coffee indulgence. Selecting elegant, warm photography to complement the cool backdrop, I spotlighted the product while embodying the luxury associated with the brand. Typography choices were clean and premium to reflect Nespresso’s branding. The user’s path flows naturally, guiding them from vivid imagery to product selections, and finally to a call to action, all while ensuring the page remains uncluttered despite the wealth of content. My design is a balance of aesthetics and function, crafted to convert and enchant in equal measure.

  • Design

    UI/UX, Webdesign

  • Tools Used

    Figma, Photoshop, Wordpress

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