Gloo Logo

In creating the Gloo logo for the dating app, the design would have focused on capturing the fun and energetic essence of social connections. The chosen logomark is a speech bubble, an instantly recognizable symbol for communication and conversation – key elements in dating and party contexts. The speech bubble features a gradient of vibrant, neon colors, evoking the lively atmosphere of nightlife and parties. The use of gradient also gives a modern and youthful touch, appealing to a digitally savvy demographic and looking for new experiences. The font for the word “gloo” is simple and modern with rounded edges, suggesting approachability and friendliness. The overall design is set against a deep blue background that provides strong contrast, making the logo pop and hinting at night events where the app could be primarily used. The simplicity of the design ensures versatility across various media, from app icons to marketing materials.

  • Design

    Identity, Art Direction

  • Tools Used

    Adobe Illustrator

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