Inmotion Sports Logo

The logo for “INMOTION Sports” captures the essence of athleticism and dynamism that is central to a sports shop store. The design process likely involved an emphasis on movement, which is artfully represented by the italicization and boldness of the typography, suggesting speed and agility. The winged detail on the letter “N” adds a creative touch, invoking the classic symbol of swift movement, often associated with the winged shoes of Hermes or Nike, the Greek gods connected to athleticism and victory. The choice of a sharp, sans-serif font aligns with modern sports aesthetics, offering a contemporary and professional look. The color palette of navy blue conveys a sense of trust and authority, reinforcing the store’s dedication to quality and performance. A grid is present in the background, indicating a methodical approach to the design, ensuring that each element is proportioned for maximum impact and recognition. This logo aims to resonate with the energy and passion of sports enthusiasts while maintaining a clean and clear brand identity.

  • Design

    Identity, Art Direction

  • Tools Used

    Adobe Illustrator

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