M OR Logo

For “M OR Online,” a luxury jewelry online store, the logo design process would have been focused on elegance, exclusivity, and the timeless appeal of fine jewelry. The logotype incorporates the letters “M” and “R” to form a graphic that resembles a gemstone and a monogram, symbolizing jewelry’s personalized and precious nature. This visual double entendre creates a memorable brand mark that reflects the uniqueness and craftsmanship of the products offered. The font is sleek and modern with clean lines, emphasizing sophistication and a high-end aesthetic. The “ONLINE” portion is in a smaller, simpler font to support the primary brand name without competing for attention. A deep blue background conveys trust and dependability while referencing the common association of blue with luxury. The overall design is minimalistic, ensuring the logo remains versatile and scalable across various digital platforms where the store will present itself.

  • Design

    Identity, Art Direction

  • Tools Used

    Adobe Illustrator

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