Merindo Logo

The “MERINDO” logo, representing an online store for fresh vegetables, bioproducts, and fresh fruits, likely started its design process to convey freshness, health, and youthfulness. The use of bright, lively colors like yellow and green reflects the organic and natural quality of the products, with green also symbolizing growth and vitality. The choice of a playful, rounded typeface for “MERINDO” aims to evoke a sense of fun and approachability, making it attractive to families and health-conscious consumers. Adding a green leaf as the dot of the ‘i’ cleverly ties the brand name to its focus on fresh, plant-based products. The tagline “gesture capillaries,” which translates to “tastes of childhood,” is crafted in a smaller, simpler font beneath the leading brand name to emphasize the authentic and nostalgic flavors the store aims to deliver. Overall, the logo design is likely intended to be eye-catching and friendly, resonating with customers looking for the wholesome goodness of childhood in their food choices.

  • Design

    Identity, Art Direction

  • Tools Used

    Adobe Illustrator

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