Polka Bear Logo

The logo design process for “PolkaBear,” a children’s wear brand, would have centered around creating a playful yet memorable image that appeals to both children and their parents. The chosen mascot, a friendly and approachable bear face, embodies the comfort and warmth that a child’s clothing brand aims to convey. The bear’s features are likely drawn with soft, rounded lines, avoiding sharp edges to ensure the image is child-friendly. The typography for “PolkaBear” is fun and whimsical, yet easy to read, which is essential for brand recognition. The use of a bold, playful font also helps to attract the attention of young audiences. The term “KID’S WEAR” is placed in a simpler, clean font to maintain a professional balance. The color palette would have been deliberately chosen; the warm, vibrant orange background suggests energy and joy, while the black of the bear and text offers a strong contrast for clear visibility. This combination of elements results in a charming and appealing logo well-suited for a kid’s apparel brand.

  • Design

    Identity, Art Direction

  • Tools Used

    Adobe Illustrator

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